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2018-2019 Registration Information

THYH 2018-2019 registration will take place both online and in-person. All players must be registered online before the in-person registration night - September 19 or 20 from 6-8pm at the Lake County Arena.

A few important reminders about registration:

1. Minimum age to register with THYH is 4.

2. If the player is new to THYH, you will need to provide an official (not hospital) birth certificate at the in-person registration. There is also an option to upload the birth certificate during registration.

3. New first-year 4-6 year old players are required to sign up for the mini-mite in-house program. In certain cases a player may be moved to Mites at THYH discretion. No registration fee, fundraising  or travel. Families will be required to complete 10 volunteer hours. A minimum of 12 skating sessions are guaranteed and THYH hopes to provide most of the required protective gear (except skates) to all new players.  All new mini-mite players  are required to register with USA Hockey ($50 - except for birth year 2012 and after) and provide THYH with an official (not hospital) birth certificate at the in-person registration - there is an option to upload the birth certificate during registration.

4. All players must be registered with USA Hockey before registering with THYH ($50 except for birth years 2012 and after). There is a link below.  A link is also available at the start of the THYH registration. Make sure you note the confirmation number received from USA Hockey with each registration - you will also get an email confirmation from USA Hockey with the number. Note that there is sometimes a slight delay after registering with USA Hockey before the confirmation number is recognized by our registration portal. 

5. Once registered with USA Hockey, proceed to register with THYH by using the "THYH 2018-2019 Registration" link below. You will need to create a Sport Engine account if you don't already have one.  Enter the USA Hockey confirmation number to begin the registration. We encourage you to add info for the second parent/guardian  so coaches and team managers have all contact information for a player. You can register multiple players in the same session by selecting the "Register Another Player" button at the end of each registration. 

6. Fundraising: there is only one fundraiser this season - selling flowers in the spring.  Each player needs to sell $150 worth of flowers ($300/family). You can choose to buy-out of the fundraiser by paying $75/player or $150/family. 

7. You have the option of paying online (a processing fee applies) or in-person at the registration nights ("pay offline" option). We will accept cash, checks and credit cards at the in-person nights and do have payment plans available if needed.

8. You will receive a receipt when THYH registration is complete. 

9.  You will need to attend the in-person registration if any of the following apply:

  • You didn't pay online and need to pay for your registration.
  • You have a past-due balance from the 2017-2018 season. 

10. Registration fees are non-refundable.

If you have questions about registration please contact Sue Powell.


If your child participated in the free mini-mite program last season, they are allowed to register as a "first-year free" Mite this season. Make sure you mark them as a first-year player during registration. 

2018-2019 Participation Levels and Registration Fees

Participation Level After Before Registration Fee Goalie Registration Fee
Mini-mite 7/1/2014 3/31/2015 $0 n/a
Mite (returning Mites) 7/1/2009 6/30/2014 $100 (first year free) n/a
Squirt/Girls 10U 7/1/2007 6/30/2009 $225 (first year free) $112.50
Peewee/Girls 12U 7/1/2005 6/30/2007 $275 $137.50
Bantam 7/1/2003 6/30/2005 $325 $162.50

Volunteer and Fundraising Buy Out Fees

Item Per Player Buy Out Family Buy Out (2 or more players)
Spring Flowers $75 $150
Volunteer Hours $300 $600

The Registration "Registration" is not currently available.

THYH 2018-2019 Registration Lookup

To look up the details of a completed THYH 2018-2019 Registration registration please type in all details exactly as they appear on the final registration.